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February 4, 2014

Top Twitter Hair Trends

The trends of fashion are continually changing, altering the way we look at certain fashions. To keep up with the trends that are happening right now, follow the social media outlets to see where things are headed, and possibly getting a head start on the current trends. Learn what Twitter trends are going towards this year, and how that will affect the way styles change now.


The sleek look

 straight hair

Over time the ponytail has changed many different times from high on top of the head to hanging low against the neck. These changes have been important, ranging from year to year. Twitter is showing that some of the most popular trends to come around this year will be the low ponytail. This rests against the neck, flowing down yet restrained by the elastic. This sleek look has gained popularity once again, making its way into the fashion industry.


It’s not just the ponytail that has taken over the sleek look. This can be incorporated into the bun, or even just the simple straight hairstyle. Although body looks still have their place within the hair industry, this sleek look is becoming even more popular, especially when it comes to Twitter. Take this into account when styling your hair, buying the products that will give you the sleek shine.


The bun


From the messy bun to the sock bun, there are many different styles out there. Currently on Twitter, the knot is becoming the most popular way to pull your hair up. Rather than trying to get your hair exactly perfect, this hairstyle thrives on the messy look. These low buns are popular in today’s style, and are easy to accomplish, especially when running late.


The bun has become increasingly popular on Twitter over time, known for its easy to accomplish yet stunning look. Be prepared for this hairstyle to make itself much more popular over the coming years, becoming an important staple in the hair industry.


There are many different styles that are becoming more popular because of Twitter. Take a look at some of the most popular hairstyles that are making their way on this social media site, and how to accomplish these looks. At Avalon, we can give you the tools necessary to start setting the trends that will become popular on Twitter and making them your own.


By +Cassie Costner


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