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March 20, 2014

Easy Spring Hairstyles

Today marks the first day of spring, and with that comes warmer temperatures and changing styles. While switching up your wardrobe choices, consider changing up your hairstyle to incorporate the spring weather. Choose a few of these spring hairstyles to try out this season.



 flower hair

Spring is the time when everything around us begins to experience a rebirth. Choose to incorporate some of these blossoming flowers into your hairstyle. This can be done in a number of different ways. Whether you want to design your own creative flower hairpiece, or purchase one, there are many choices. You can add a simple clip in flower over the elastic of your ponytail, or have a headband go around your face.


The ponytail


No matter the season, the ponytail is always in style. This spring, it is most popular to wear your ponytail high at the back of your head. This will give it more volume, and add to the overall look. This high ponytail works great with or without bangs, making it more versatile than other styles. You can create waves or straighten the hair to make the style unique for you.



 blue hair

It is always common for highlights to be added once the warmer months start to hit. This spring, a popular style will be adding just a single strand, or a couple of strands of bright colors. Choose from pinks, blues, greens, or any other color that you wish to incorporate. This doesn’t have to be done using dye, but can be inserted as a clip in accessory.


The braid


There are many different ways that a braid can be included in your hairstyle. Rather than braid all your hair together, incorporate the tiny braid with your style. This can be used as a makeshift headband that will keep your hair out of your face. This look can be accomplished by braiding a long section of hair behind the ear, placing it over and pinning it back behind the other ear.


This spring, there are a variety of styles that are becoming more popular. Choose the one that will fit best into your look. Take advantage of the warmer weather to not only switch up your wardrobe, but your hairstyle as well.

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