March 12, 2014

What Factors Can Cause Grey Hair?

It seems as though it is inevitable that at some point, grey hair will sneak its way in, but is there any way to prevent it? To determine this, it is crucial to examine the factors that cause grey hair, and how they make their influence. Find out if there is anything you can do to prevent your hair from turning grey.



 grey hair

Genetics are one of those things you just can’t control, and unfortunately, it is one of the leading causes of grey hair. The way our genes work has been extensively studied, but is still a mystery in some part. If your family has a history of going grey early, you can expect to do the same.


Most people expect to go grey later in life. Eventually your hair will begin to turn; your genetics will just determine when that will be. The genes that control the pigment in each strand of hair will become exhausted at some point, leaving you with varying stages of grey hair.




We’ve heard time and time again that stress will make your hair turn grey, but this isn’t necessarily true. Stress can be harmful to your body in many ways, but it isn’t the most likely factor to turn your hair grey. It is far more common that stress will cause you to loose hair rather than changing the pigmentation.


External factors

 grey hair2

There are many external factors that play a part in greying hair. Some of these we can control, while others are beyond our reach. Some of the most common of these include:


  • Climate
  • Pollutants
  • Smoking


Avoid the factors you can such as smoking to keep the color in your hair. In addition to knowing the factors that can contribute to grey hair, it is important to know if there is anything to be done that can prevent the hair from turning grey.




There still isn’t a guaranteed cure for grey hair. The causes are too far based in genetics for that. Aside from dying your hair, there are a few things that can be done to strengthen your hair. Malnutrition can be another factor that speeds up the greying process. To prevent against this, make sure you have plenty of vitamin A and B-12 in your diet. These increase melanin, helping to keep your color longer.


Although genetics are the biggest contributor to grey hair, there are a few other factors that if avoided, can prolong the color of your hair. Above all, make sure you have healthy habits in all aspects of your life to keep your body and hair in the best shape.

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