April 28, 2014

Tips for Growing Out a Pixie Cut

Incorporating a new haircut into your style can be a fun way to switch things up. Chopping off your long locks to make way for a dashing new pixie cut is the easy part, but growing out a pixie cut presents a few unique challenges. To avoid some of the awkward moments with your style, follow these tips for growing out your pixie cut.


Care for Your Hair

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Growing out your hair can be a longer process than you ever anticipated. It takes a long time and some potentially unflattering lengths in between to get to where you want it. Make sure that you care for your hair in these transition stages, ensuring it remains healthy throughout the process.


Hair that isn’t damaged will grow faster. Avoid using excessive heat from straighteners or curling irons as this is one of the fastest ways to bring damage to your hair. During this growing out phase, it would also be better to avoid dying or bleaching your hair to ensure it remains healthy. Consider getting a deep conditioning to promote healthy growth.


They might not seem connected, but eating healthy and exercising is critical in the health of your hair. The more unhealthy you are, the longer it may take your pixie cut to grow out. Eat the foods that are rich in iron, protein, and zinc, all nutrients that are crucial for healthy hair.


Use Accessories

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One of the most frustrating things about a pixie cut is the fact that there are limited hairstyles that can be accomplished. Consider investing in hair accessories to set your hair apart. These can be things that will pull your hair back out of your face, or just dress up your style a little more. Try using decorative headbands,hairclips, and bobby pins to hide sections of hair that have grown to awkward lengths.


If you are fed up with trying to style your hair, try covering it with a cute hat. When done right this can be a stylish look while it grows out. Choose the style that works for you, still giving you the look you want. In many cases, these in between styles work better with hats than other hair lengths.

Growing out a pixie cut can seem like a long process, but by finding the best in between styles, it can be worth it. If you are committed to growing out your pixie cut, don’t stop half way. Make sure to find ways to encourage hair growth, and style it in the best ways. This will make growing out your hair more enjoyable along the way.


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