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April 14, 2014

The Different Types of Curling Irons

Today there are a number of different ways to curl your hair. Within the variation of brands and quality of products, there are a few other differences that will determine the type of curl you get for the curling iron. Take a look here at the different types and how each will work to obtain a specific style with your hair. Invest in the curling irons that produce the results you appreciate most, or one in each of the different styles to switch things up.




The size of your curling iron will make a surprising difference. A ¼ inch barrel will create tight smaller curls while a 2 inch barrel will leave the hair wavy for the most part, not giving a definitive curl to the hair. The size variation is most common when it comes to spring and marcel curling irons, but also occurs with the other types. If possible, invest in one curling iron with a smaller barrel, and another with a larger one. This will give you the chance to try out different types of curls with one style of curling iron.


Spring Curling Irons


These are the most popular type of curling irons and are easy to use. For those who are younger and just learning how to do their own hair, this is the easiest option. After wrapping the hair around the curling iron, the clip holds it tight until it is released. These have the widest variety when it comes to barrel size.


Marcel Curling Irons


These curling irons are a bit trickier to use, especially for beginners. Initially produced for professional hairstylists, these will bring more control when it comes to styling. This is because of the extra handle and lack of spring that give a more manual experience of curling the hair. This curling iron can give greater speed and control with those who know how to use it, delivering salon quality curls.


Wand Curling Irons

wavy hair-diy pearl v-neck

A wand or clipless curling iron doesn’t use any clip or lever to keep the hair in place, but rather requires you to hold it there while the hair is wrapped around. This means that both hands must be focused on the curling task at hand. Even though this can be tricky to get the hang of, there are many benefits to be gained from this type of curling iron. It is easier to get straight to the root with this type of curling iron, and since you wrap from the roots, the ends don’t have to rest against the direct source of heat, preventing damaged and split ends.




These will vary from double to triple barrels, both creating a wave pattern. Although you have to go piece by piece down every section of hair, this type of curling iron takes only a short amount of time on each section, shortening the whole process. For those who want those beach waves, this might be the curling iron for you.

Each curling iron comes with its own advantages. Invest in those that work best for your hairstyling needs, whether that is one or all of them. By getting the right curling iron for your hair, you will get the job done faster with the curl you want most.

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