April 4, 2014

The Types of Perms

The perm hairstyle has fallen in and out of popularity many times since its beginnings. It was first developed in the late 1800s, and since then has gone through a few different changes that have improved the practice. The principle behind the perm comes from using chemicals to break down and then rebuild the bonds of the hair in a different way. Wrapping each strand around a perm rod with the waving lotion at the base causes the inner workings of the hair to soften, then mold around the perm rod. There are a few different types of perms that can be achieved through this process.

New hair cut by Jørgen Ludvigsen

Spiral Perm

This is possibly the most common type of perm, and has been for some time. It uses long perm rods to get the job done. The result is tight ringlet shaped curls. How tight each curl forms is determined by the size of the perm rod and the chemicals that are used in the process. Determine which size of spiral perm would work best for your situation.

Body Perm

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Finding a way to get enough volume in your hair is a challenge many women face. A body perm works to add volume for those who have thin or flat hair. For those who have very straight hair naturally, the curls produced by this type of perm will be looser, giving a slight wave. The body perm will be more effective on those who have medium or longer lengths of hair.

Spot Perm

This is also known as a plain curl perm, which only works on key sections of the hair. Those who choose this style of curl only want specific parts of their hair curled whether that is just the ends, or around the middle. Like all perms, these will vary in how tight they are, but often give a more natural look to your hair.

Multi-Texture Perm


More than the spot perm, the multi-texture perm will make your hair look natural, moving away from the uniform look. Using two different sizes of rods, the curls throughout the hair vary in size. The stylist will integrate these two sizes throughout the hair, giving the perfect variation in your style.

Root Perm

This perm works in the same way as the body perm, bringing more volume right at the root. Instead of perming everything, this will only work with the roots, giving a burst of body and volume. Out of all the other types of perms, this is the one that will work best for those with shorter hair.

There are many different types of perms that can be used to improve your style. Talk to your stylist to determine which will be the best look for you. Finding the best perm will take a chunk out of your normal morning routine, saving you time.


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