May 5, 2014

The Different Hair Tool Materials

Choosing the right tool for your hair can be difficult. There are many different options, even among those that are professional quality. The three most common types of material used for good curling irons and straighteners are ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline. Take a further look at each of these and determine which will be the best option for your hair.




Ceramic tools are some of the most common used by professionals. These work by producing negative ions when they are heated up, efficiently doing the job. The negative ions work against the positive ions that  are charged through chemicals and static electricity your hair comes into contact with. These positive charges can be damaging to your hair, the ceramic tool can work to neutralize this problem.




Titanium is a material just as strong as steel with the exception that it is 40% lighter. This smooth light surface allows it to be an efficient styling tool for your hair. Out of all the materials available, titanium is usually the best when it comes to hair straighteners. The titanium material is better able to retain the high levels of heat necessary, delivering it evenly across the surface of your hair. In most cases, this will result in faster styling time. Be aware of the damage that can come by exposing your hair to too much heat for too long.




This heating tool, like ceramic, works by producing negative ions. There is only one major difference between tourmaline and ceramic heating tools with tourmaline producing higher numbers of negative ions. This has the potential to give your hair a shinier look.


In addition to this, there are products that combine both ceramic and tourmaline, giving even better results. Tourmaline tools will be infused with ceramic plates, giving the user the advantage of both.

There are a few different materials that can be used for styling your hair with heat. Choose the one that works best for your hair, giving you the best look. It is important to take into account how damaging heat can be on any level for your hair. When possible, use as little additional heat on your hair as possible to lessen the damage delivered. There are hairstyles that don’t require heat, use these periodically during the week to keep your hair healthier than ever.

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