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May 19, 2014

Spring Cleaning for Your Hair

Spring is well underway and with it the challenges that spring cleaning brings. No matter what stages or how deep into your home spring cleaning you are at, don’t forget yourself in the mix. To keep your hair as healthy as possible, consider these spring cleaning tips. They will help you prevent split ends, and other problems that may arise.


Lemon Juice


As summer approaches nobody likes to deal with greasy hair, there are ways to get rid of at least some of the oil in your hair. This oil serves a purpose in keeping your hair smooth and healthy, but too much will give an unkempt look. Using a diluted lemon juice solution this spring through your hair. It will give your hair a shiny look. Be careful not to overdo it here.


Trim the Ends


You should already be trimming the ends of your hair on a regular basis, try cutting a little extra off this spring. Keeping your hair trimmed will be helpful in the long term for your hair, preventing split ends and painful knots from forming. Getting your hair trimmed now will get you ready for summer, giving your hair the healthy look it deserves.


Deep Conditioning


There are deep conditioning products you can buy to do the job yourself, or schedule a professional deep conditioning while you are getting your hair trimmed. It is inexpensive and will bring many benefits to your hair. This will be beneficial to your look, especially for those who color their hair, or apply heat on a regular basis. Your deep conditioning will leave your hair feeling healthier than ever.


Your Products



Take a look at your cabinet of hair products, or even at the shelf in your shower. You shouldn’t be surprised to see items that you never even use anymore, or even empty bottles that have yet to be thrown away. Get rid of any products that you haven’t used in the last six months, and any combs that are missing teeth or have bent bristles. This spring cleaning will help you to declutter, and assess the products you have along with what you will need to be investing in soon.

Don’t forget your hair this spring along with your other spring cleaning projects. While summer is nearly upon us, there is still time to take care of important spring cleaning tasks. Use this time to get ready for summer, improving your style.

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