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May 22, 2014

Sun Protection for Your Hair

Sun ProtectionSummer is almost here, leading us to spend more time outside soaking up the long awaited sunshine. While this beautiful sunlight can be good for our health in some ways, there is also damage that can be done. Make sure to protect your hair from drying out, becoming frizzy, or other damages that will occur with excessive exposure to the sun.


Trim Your Hair



Before the summer starts, get your hair trimmed. This should be part of your hair care spring cleaning routine as it is one of the best ways to prepare your hair for summer. The sun will do the most damage to hair that is already starting to be damaged. This means that the ends of your hair have the most potential to be damaged. Get rid of split ends before they can become worse, heading into summer with healthy beautiful hair.


The Right Products



There are a number of products that will be helpful in protecting your hair from the sun. This will start when you wash. There are hydrating conditioners and shampoos that should be used, especially during the summer months. These will help replace the moisture that is lost in your hair through the day, keeping it healthy. In addition to this, use UV-shielding sprays for your hair. These will also be helpful when applying heat to your hair while styling. Products like this work best when applied to damp hair.


Wear a Hat



Sometimes the best solution is to just take your hair completely away from the potential damage. Wearing a hat will protect your hair from the direct rays of the sun, especially if it has a wide brim. Find a hat that fits in with your style. This will also be a great protection for your face from sun damage making an impact on your delicate skin. Consider this when spending long periods of time outdoors.


Avoid the Heat



The extreme heat of the summer sun will be enough to cause damage to your hair, if possible use as few heat tools as possible on your hair during this time. There are other hairstyles that can be accomplished without using a curling iron or straightener depending on your type of hair. Find which style looks best for your hair and work to use these that don’t use heat as often as possible.

There are a few different ways to keep your hair safe from the heat of summer. Working to ensure your hair will be will not be subject too heavily to UV rays is one of the most important things. Incorporate these steps into your routine to keep your hair healthy all summer long.


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