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June 11, 2014

Easy Summer Hairstyles

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Summer weather has arrived, and with that, many new hairstyles are coming into fashion. Now that we no longer need warm winter hats, scarves, and warm clothes, it is time to switch up our style. Try out these easy summer hairstyles this year and find the best look for you.


The Braid



The braid is in style now as both young and old take advantage of this classic look. The braid is a great way to pull the hair off the back of your neck, keeping you cool as well as keeping your hair out of your face. There are a number of different braided looks you can use for your hair. This can be a single french braid down the back, a loose braid brought to the side of your shoulder, or even just a braid through your bangs to keep them off your face. Experiment with the different types of braids for your hair with a fishtail one day and a messy loose braid the next. For additional body here, try parting your hair on the opposite side of where it is normally parted. This will give a natural looking lift to your hair.


The Messy Bun



The messy bun has been a big choice for many women for quite some time now. The convenience and ease of this bun will help those wearing it to better pull the hair away from their face. The important thing with this look is that your hair will be pulled back from your eyes. Pin up or spray all flyaways from around your face and neck, but with the actual bun, it is made to look a bit disorganized. This style will be easier to achieve, and looks better when you aren’t concerned with making it uniform.


Beach Waves



There are a few different ways to get those full beach waves. These can be done with all the hair down, with some pulled up, or if your hair is long enough in a loose ponytail. This will depend on how hot it is outside and whether or not you want your hair resting against your neck. These loose summer curls are popular at this time of year, no matter where you live.

There are many different summer styles that can be used. Use these hairstyles to compliment your summer look, making the most of the warm weather. These simple styles may be easy to do, but they carry with them the convenience and beauty you are looking for in your summer hairstyle.

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