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July 10, 2014

4 Beauty Tips for Traveling

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Summer is the season of traveling as many people take advantage of the warmer weather to head to their fun destinations. Whether you are on a road trip or taking a flight to somewhere further away, these beauty tips can help keep you feeling good even after a long day of travel. Don’t let the stress of vacation ruin your style. Relax and rest assured that with these traveling beauty tips, your vacation will run smoother than ever, effectively avoiding some of the small stresses that are sure to come up during the trip.



Even if you are only traveling a short distance, there’s a good chance that you will be encountering different humidities than what you might be used to. A good moisturizer will help your skin fight against the damaging effects of hot dry temperatures, keeping you looking healthy for longer. In addition to this, those who are flying will find that cabin pressure has the potential to dehydrate your skin. Apply the moisturizer before taking this flight to ensure your skin will remain healthy from the beginning of your trip.


Drop the Foundation



Some people have come to rely on their foundation to create the right shade for their skin. While this might be true, you should at least skip the foundation on the days you are traveling. Cabin pressure on the plane will dry out the skin with foundation, while riding in the car for extended periods of time will result in dry skin thanks to the constant blow of air coming from the vents. Instead opt to only wear the foundation once you have arrived at your destination for the best results.


Forget Long-Lasting Lipsticks



As with our previous two suggestions, this tip is all about keeping the moisture. While these long-lasting lipsticks might look great and require little effort, they will dry out your lips faster than anything else. This will be largely uncomfortable, especially on long trips. Instead choose chapsticks or even lip glosses that  may not last as long, but have moisturizing agents added to them. This will be beneficial in helping you to feel better through the trip.


Take Off the Bright Nail Polish



Bright nails can be fun, but aren’t usually ideal when going on a long trip. With all the activities you will be doing, your nail polish is likely to chip. Instead choose to wear more neutral colors to ensure that even if it does chip, it won’t be immediately noticeable. Carry with you nail polish remover if possible to take it completely off if during the course of your trip it begins to chip too much.

Have fun on your trip, and make sure you know the best beauty tips and tricks to adhere to during this time. By ensuring you are ready for any aesthetic event thrown your way, it will be easier to sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacation time.

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