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July 7, 2014

4 Tips for Adding Body to Your Hair

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Everybody’s hair is different depending on genetics, health, food choices, and many other factors. If your hair does not have the body you want, there are ways to get it to this point. Follow these four tips to achieve the most with your hair, adding the volume you’ve always wanted.


Use the Right Products



To start off, use a shampoo and a conditioner that have volumizing agents. By switching to these brands, you can make a big difference. Hair products are one of those things that you get what you pay for. Shampoo, conditioner, mousse, and hairspray all can have volumizing properties when choosing the right ones. Select only those that will be most beneficial to your hair.


Start at the Roots


The volume in your hair will start at the roots. By making some effort here, you will better be able to control your hair, bringing it away from your scalp. Use mousse and volumizing spray here to gain the most for your hair. When blow drying your hair, flip your head over and dry it upside down, focusing on bringing body to the roots. Use your fingers to lift these areas of the hair, bringing them as far away from the scalp as possible. In addition to this, use a large round brush while blow drying, taking your hair in sections to dry out. Using the brush pull the hair away from the scalp while aiming the blow dryer up.


Throughout the Day



Even those who have great body in their hair may run into problems keeping it up throughout the day. If possible, take some time in the afternoon to give your hair a little volumizing boost. Flip your hair upside down and run your fingers up the back, adding volume. If you have access to a blow dryer at this time of day, use it on your overturned hair to get even more volume.


At Night



If you wash your hair at night, this could be another great way to get body in your hair. pull your hair up in a loose ponytail The more wet your hair is at this point, the bigger kink you will get in your hair once you take it out. Try to wait until your hair is either dry or close enough to being dry. This will help you get the body you want without having to try and mend this problem.

Get the volume you want in your hair through these four easy tips. By choosing the right products and follow these tips while getting ready and during the day, even those with naturally flat hair will find that their hair appears fuller than ever before.

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