July 21, 2014

Common Summer Hair Problems and Their Solutions

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The summer is now midway through. Take the time to enjoy the rest of your summer, making the most of warm weather. If you have already been doing so, you may have already experienced some of the negative hair problems that come all too often in the summer months. Learn to identify and protect your hair against these problems, ensuring your hair will remain healthy throughout the year.


Damage from Chlorine



An excessive amount of chlorine will be detrimental to your hair, especially if you have a lighter color hair. This is caused not only by the chlorine, but the other chemicals that are present in the pool as well that work to keep the water clean. While not everyone may end up with green hair after swimming, it can still be damaging, especially over time. If your hair seems to be breaking more easily, there is a good chance chlorine might be the culprit.


There are a few things that can be done to protect your hair. The most basic of these is to rinse your hair under the tap before and after swimming. By doing this before, the plain water will have a chance to bind to the hair before the chlorine has a chance to. Use a leave in conditioner as well to have the same effect. To expose your hair to as little chlorine as possible, invest in a swimming cap for every time you swim.


Sun Damage



As much as you put sunscreen on your skin, don’t forget about your hair when looking for sun protection. The UV rays can be just as damaging, effecting the keratin of your hair. This will cause it to be weaker, and the color to fade more easily.


To protect your hair against the sun, avoid spending excessive amounts of time outside between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. This is when the strength of the sun will be strongest. When you do head outside, wear a hat or other protection to block the UV rays from reaching you directly.





Those who have any amount of curl in their hair know the woes of trying to struggle though frizzy hair. This gets especially bad during the summer months with an increase of humidity. This takes away the smoothness of your hair, causing problems with the additional moisture.


Instead of weighing your hair down with an excessive amount of products, look for the right ones. It is better to use things such as mousse and anti-frizz spray to smooth this problem.

Don’t let these few summer hair care problems get you down. Instead do all you can to have a great experience during the summer months. Take care of your hair, ensuring that problems won’t arise so you get can the most from this fun season.

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