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July 25, 2014

Foods that are Damaging to Your Skin

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The foods we eat have a significant impact on our overall health, including our skin. We talked previously on the foods that are best for healthy skin and hair, but what about those foods that have a damaging effect on our bodies? Take note of the foods that will be damaging to your skin and avoid these at all costs. This along with the right products will help keep your beautiful glow no matter what comes your way.


Empty Carbs



There has been a link found between consuming an excessive amount of empty carbs and acne in recent studies. These products include things like bread, pasta, candy, juice, and soda. Each of these foods will create a spike in your blood sugar, which will in turn lead to an increase of oil production. This will cause the pores of your skin to clog. In addition to this, eating an excessive amount of empty carbs may cause premature aging by having a direct effect on collagen and elastin, two tissues that ensure the skin is firm. Replace these empty carbs with more beneficial nutrients like whole grains and vegetables.





Are people constantly telling you how tired you look even when you feel that you’ve had enough sleep? It might not be the lack of rest that is doing this to you. Those who have strong bags under their eye should reconsider the amount of salt they are eating in their diet. This could be a sign that your body is retaining water after consuming a particularly salty meal. In fact, this could cause your whole face to swell. Reduce your salt intake to see what benefits will come to your skin. Avoid adding extra salt to your meals and stop consuming those dishes you know to be high in sodium.


Too Much Dairy



Dairy can be a healthy and important part of your diet, but like many things too much can be damaging. Those who are prone to breaking out should reduce the amount of milk they drink. The hormones that occur naturally in milk have been thought to produce more sebum and other agents that will clog the pores. While this hasn’t been proven for sure, try experimenting by lessening the amount of dairy you consume and then determining if your skin has improved.

There are a few different types of foods that will have a direct effect on your skin. If you notice that your skin is starting to break out or other obvious problems, consider examining your diet. Take out those foods that could be damaging to the skin in large amounts and see how this affects the way you look.

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