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August 28, 2014

4 Hair Tips that Actually Work

4 Hair TipsWe’ve heard all the tips and tricks for our hair a number of times, but how many of them actually work? While there are a number of tricks out there with tips on everything from straightening to adding body to your hair, not all of them have proven effective. These tips on the other hand have been tested, showing positive results. Next time there is a problem with your hair, try these solutions to mend it, getting the look you want.


The Hair Clip



One of the biggest problems people find when pulling their hair back into a ponytail is the lack of volume it gives. This is especially true when the hair is straight. To add more volume and increase this look use a hair clip to make your ponytail fuller. Pull the ponytail back as normal and use a hair tie to keep it in place. From here split the top and the bottom sections of the hair, placing a hair clip between the two at the base of the ponytail. Cover the clip with the rest of your hair, using hairspray to hold into place.


Dryer Sheets


Static in the hair can put a damper in your style, looking like you’ve just jumped off the trampoline. To get rid of the static present in your hair, use a dryer sheet. Their purpose is to eliminate static within your clothes, but they can do the same to your hair. Use just a single sheet over your hair, starting at the roots and moving down to the ends. You can also try rubbing the dryer sheet on your brush before using it.


Silk Pillowcase



Sleeping good will help to eliminate some of the damage and breakage that will occur at night. Sleep on a silk pillowcase to give your hair a more gentle night while you are tossing and turning in your sleep. Cotton and other common materials used for pillows will create a rough surface for your hair, causing damage.


Avoid Chlorine



You can reduce the damage to your hair from an afternoon at the pool. Chlorine is one of the most damaging chemicals, leaving your hair dried out and frizzy. To reduce this, you don’t have to wear a swim cap. Instead douse your hair in water before getting in and use a leave in conditioner. This will allow your hair to soak up the fresh water and conditioner instead of the chlorine, leaving your hair healthy.

Try out these simple yet effective tips and tricks with your hair to better manage and style. These simple changes will be beneficial in taming your hair, getting the look you want.

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