August 7, 2014

5 Facts About Your Skin

Keeping your skin healthy through every season is critical, especially as we age. While each person is unique, there are a few universal facts that you should know about your skin. Learn the different steps to keeping the skin of your face fresh and healthy. This will be beneficial in the beauty of your skin, ensuring good health for years to come.

Never Scrub Your Face

Scrubbing is a term we have come to associate with a deep cleaning. While this may be perfectly acceptable for the floors, kitchen counters, and dirty dishes, scrubbing is an action that should never be taken against your face. This will disrupt the skin cells on the outer layer of your face, stripping the natural protection that can be given here. This skin is on a 28 day cycle, and should not be damaged or removed before its time. Doing this will only result in your skin becoming dry, irritated, or even more prone to damage from the sun. Instead work to gently remove any dirt from your face, keeping the outer layer of the skin healthy and protected.

Clean It Right

This goes hand in hand with never scrubbing your face. By using the right products and the right tactics when washing your face, the outer layer of your skin will be there to protect you from the various elements that will be thrown your way. Avoid washing your face more than twice a day. This unhealthy practice will strip your face of the natural oils, causing dry and wrinkled skin. Instead gently use moisture enriched soaps to better cleanse and protect the face.

Massage Your Face

A massage will bring more benefits than just to your back. With a facial massage, you can help stimulate the fibroblasts, which are the skin cells that contain collagen. This can help to restore some of the elasticity that is often lost as we age, preventing wrinkles and letting our skin look and feel healthier.

Skin Ages Faster Than You Think

By the time you are in your early twenties, your skin has already begun to age. This only emphasizes just how important it is to take better care of your skin in your youth to ensure it will be healthy for years to come. Don’t wait for middle age to begin taking proper care of your skin. Using the right products you can delay the loss of collagen and thus keeping your skin healthy for longer.

Keep Your Hands Clean

If you think your face gets dirty, imagine the dirt and grime on your hands. Before touching your makeup products or facial moisturizers, be sure to wash your hands. Your hands come into contact with all sorts of bacteria and germs. Do what you can to prevent these harmful agents from making their way to your face.

Your skin is important, take proper care of it from the beginning. By washing your face properly and taking other crucial steps, you will better prevent aging and wrinkles from the start.

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