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August 12, 2014

Celebrities With Rainbow Colored Hair


Bright and exciting hairstyles have become increasingly popular among celebrities and their fans alike. These bright styles come in every color imaginable, most popularly blue, pink, purple, and green. Take a look at some of the celebrities who have sported these daring styles, and how they pulled them off.





Kesha’s hair has spanned a number of different colors, ranging from the boldest purple to a lighter and more manageable green. She has been known to switch up her style more than almost any other celebrity, showing off her different colors at concerts and other events.


Demi Lovato



Although Demi has recently stated she will switch back to her natural shade of brown, she has been no stranger to brightly colored hair. She has spent some time with a lavender and silver ombre, with just a touch of her natural brown showing from the top. This unique shade puts two unusual colors together to give a creative effect.


Rita Ora



Rita Ora has taken the bold and drastic colors and styled them not only into her hair, but into other aspects of her style as well. She has tipped her long blonde hair with a touch of violet, and often couples this with bold purple lips to match. This style has been the perfect look for summer, bringing the bold and interesting to the table.


Vanessa Hudgens



Having gained popularity as a Disney Channel star, Hudgens has since launched her career, making a name for herself in both the acting and music industries. Her style reflects much of her personality in the fun and unique shade of pastel blue that is now present intertwined between her blonde locks.


Katy Perry



She just might be the driving force that brought the rainbow colored hairstyles back into the spotlight. Katy Perry’s hair has been dyed every color on the spectrum from purple, blue, pink, green, and everything inbetween. As part of her concerts, watch out for the switches between her own hair that has been dyed, and the number of wigs that are worn throughout the show.


Kelly Osbourne



While Katy Perry may have driven the candy colored hair into popularity, Kelly Osbourne has supported this fashion for the longest. The pale lavender color along with her light skin tone bring out the perfect contrast for this style. Osbourne takes care of her color right, leaving her hair healthy and full.

There are a number of different celebrities that have taken the candy colored hairstyle and amplified it, bringing it to the forefront of style. Incorporate these colors in your own hair to take advantage of a unique look for you.

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