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August 22, 2014

4 Natural Things that Can Straighten Your Hair

Natural Ways to Straighten HairHave you tried every solution to straightening your hair your hair with little to no success? There just might be some answers out there that you have yet to try. These natural remedies may be just what you need to calm the frizz in your hair, helping you to get the look you’ve always wanted. Try these solutions to discover which will work best for you and your hair.





Sulfur is one of the primary elements of your hair. This will be beneficial taken as a supplement to increase hair growth and reduce the frizz. One of the most crucial proteins of your hair, keratin, contains great amounts of sulfur. Increasing the amount of sulfur will make your hair stronger than ever before.


Coconut and Lime



This DIY treatment is less technical, but has been shown by multiple sources to be effective. Take two limes and squeeze them together with the puree of a fresh coconut, including both the meat and the water. Place this concoction in the fridge overnight, giving it the chance to thicken. Apply the mixture to your hair starting at the roots and ending at the tips, allowing it to sit for about half an hour. Rinse out your hair, then wash and condition for the best results. This will make your hair much easier to style and straighten.





Use a juicer to juice a whole stock of celery. Add about half as much water to the mixture, then put it together in a spray bottle. Completely spray down your hair and allow it to sit with a shower cap over it for about half an hour. After this wash and condition your hair as you normally would. Follow this routine every day you wash your hair for naturally smoother hair.





This may be the messiest of any of the techniques, but will work to add moisture to your hair, significantly reducing frizz. Use a very ripe banana alongside two tablespoons of honey. Comb this mixture through your hair allowing it to completely dry before using shampoo and conditioner. This will help your style, eliminating some of the hassles of managing your hair.

If you can never seem to get your hair straight, try these natural solutions before the styling process. Experiment to find the answer that will work best for your hair, eliminating some of the hassles that are all too common. Don’t let frizz and uncontrollable hair ruin your style, make the change to keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful.

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