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September 17, 2014

4 Bad Habits that are Damaging Your Hair


Keeping your hair healthy and free from split ends is a challenge many people with all lengths of hair face. Through this struggle to protect our hair, too often bad habits that are easy to mend are the direct cause of the problem. Learn how to identify the most damaging habits and correct them before the problem gets too severe.


Brushing Wet Hair



The most common bad habit is pulling and combing at your wet hair. Right when you get out of the shower, your hair is at one of its weakest points. The extra strain it takes to comb through the hair at this time is enough to cause severe breakage, leading to additional damage. Be gentle with your hair, giving it at least some time to dry on its own. Avoid using a brush, and never towel dry long hair to more effectively preserve the strength of your hair. When you do detangle even damp hair, use a wide tooth comb to better protect it.


Turn Up the Heat



Heat is one of the most damaging factors to your hair. This comes from the straightener, blow dryer, and other devices used for styling purposes. While each of these items can be used, it is important to not overdo it or pick a style that doesn’t need heat. Whenever possible, couple the use of these with a heat protectant on your hair to prevent damage from happening.


Extreme Diets



It is important to eat healthy, not only for our body’s physical and mental health, but for the health of our hair as well. Those people who use crash diets leading to anorexia and other serious eating disorders will see the effects on their hair and bodies. Your body will take what little food is given and save it for the essential organs such as the brain and heart. Your hair will miss out on the nutrients it needs to remain healthy, directly leading to hair loss and other serious problems.


Too Much Sun



The summer is now wrapping up, but if you spent an excessive amount of time outdoors, you may have been doing damage to your hair. The UV rays of the sun will take away some of the natural strength of your hair, leaving it weak and more likely to break. For the next time you spend the day outside, make sure to wear a hat if possible to better protect your hair from this harm.

Avoid these four bad habits to keep your hair healthier than ever before. By making these changes, you will experience a noticeable difference, reducing split ends and other less than desirable problems.

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