September 12, 2014

Current Trends in Nail Art


Trends in fashion are constantly changing and evolving, some for the better, others we might wish would disappear from the forefront. With the 2017 year ending and 2018 just beginning, it is time to look back and reflect on some of the most popular trends of the year. Among these, nail art trends continued to gain popularity as new styles and bold looks came to the front for many. Take a look at some of the most creative and well loved nail art styles of this year, and decide whether or not you would wear them.


This year we have taken a trip back to past decades as glitter and other trends have made their way back to the forefront of style. Nails dipped in glitter have become increasingly popular whether this is just on the tips or covering the entire surface of the nail. Choose from a number of different colors that include glitter, not just the popular gold and silver.

Tie Dye

The 60s are back as well, and it’s pretty evident in the nail art trends. These wacky tie dye colors are often exaggerated on the nails, whether done by Do it yourselfers or in a professional salon. The colors don’t have to be even, just swirled in unison to create the circular design you want.

Graphic Prints

The graphic prints that can be added to your nails can be as simple or as complex as you make them. These can be the cheap foil stickers that can be purchased at the store, or can be applied by a nail art professional to look great and last for longer than it otherwise would. These graphic prints can be in black and white, or in full color depending on your style.

The Metallic Shine

The metallic shine has gained popularity, and is the perfect nail art style to bring in the fall season. Like many of the other current popular trends, the metallic shine can come in a number of different colors, ranging on what fits in best with your taste.

The Simple

While most of the trending styles rely on the bold and exaggerated, there is still great value in the simple and elegant. By using a matte-shiny finish on your French manicure, you can add a classy look to your nails, all while keeping them healthy. Choose the simple look to enhance the natural beauty of your nails.


Geometric nails have become super popular recently because of how neat they look and how easy they are to apply! All you need is some simple scotch tape to block out different colors. It’s an easy and elegant way to elevate your nail game!

Magnetic Nails

One of the hottest trends on the horizon is magnetic cat eye nails! The polish used for this style is awesome because it is full of metallic flecks that are drawn upward with a magnet to create those stylish highlights on the nail. They’re modern and very chic!

Nail art trends are changing often, bringing new and recurring styles to the front of mind. If you’re interested in Avalon’s top nail tips and tricks, check out the Ultimate Avalon Nail Resource!

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