September 5, 2014

Donating Your Hair


Have you been looking for another way to give back but haven’t found the right solution for you? Consider donating your hair to an organization to make a difference. You could be helping someone of any age, including children who have experienced hair loss at a young age whether from a medical or genetic issue. Learn the process behind donating your hair to the different organizations, and how you can make a big difference with a simple gift.


Do Your Homework


Before going and cutting your hair, look into the different organizations that create wigs for those with hair loss. Choose an organization you know you can support, and find out what is required beforehand. For most donation outlets, your hair must be at least eight inches long, but others require at least a foot of hair. In addition to this, many of these organizations will not accept hair that has been bleached. Determine if your hair will fit in with all the requirements of a specific place and make your decision from here. In addition to this, research where the wigs created at that specific organization go, whether that is helping adults with cancer or children who have experienced hair loss. Choose the cause you are really passionate about.


Fill the Form



There is a form that most organizations require before you can donate your hair. While most places will allow you to donate anonymously, you still need to fill out other important information to send in with the donation. This allows you to receive verification that they got your donation, and can help you learn where your donation was given.


Donating the Hair



There are a few different steps that must be taken when donating your hair. Follow these steps to ensure your hair will be in the state it is needed to donate:


  • Go to the salon and let them know you are planning on donating. Before making the trim your hair must be secured in a ponytail to cut. Here they will measure your hair first to ensure it is the right length for donation.

  • Before your hair can be cut, it must be completely dry. The stylist will put your hair in a plastic bag directly after it is cut, not allowing it to touch the ground.

  • Once you have your hair secured, you can mail it off the the group of your choosing.

Donating your hair can be a fulfilling way to give back to your community, helping others who are less fortunate. Making this change will be a positive impact for those in need, giving something to those who need it most.

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