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September 30, 2014

Early Ideas for Your DIY Halloween Hairstyle


October is just around the corner which means Halloween is approaching faster than we may realize. Before the Thanksgiving and Christmas season comes around, put some focus in your halloween festivities, including your costume this year. Store bought costumes can be pricy, instead you can opt for the DIY options that can save you money, and will allow you to add your own creativity to the holiday.





Get classic with a nod to greek mythology. This costume will be one of the more unique ones at any party, while still being recognizable by all. Start out by braiding your hair up against the top of your hair, wrapping it around into some type of bun. This can be as simple or complex as you wish it to be. If you don’t know how to braid your hair, or do not have someone who can braid it for you, there are hair clips styled in this way. Invest in small plastic snakes as well, bobby pinning them all around your hair. Add as many as your hair can hold to better support the Medusa style.


Frida Kahlo



While this hairstyle will also use a braid, it may be less identifiable by others than Medusa will be. To accomplish this style, part your hair in two sections straight down the back. Secure each side in a tight ponytail and braid down from there, securing the end as well in an elastic. Secure the braid over the top of your head, bringing it around to meet together. In addition to this, include bold flowers along the braid. Don’t forget to buy a fake uni-brow to set this costume apart.


Frizzy Hair



There are plenty of costumes that need bold and frizzy hair for the finishing touch. Whether you are going as a zombie, dead bride, or something else entirely even those with straight hair can turn their locks into a frizzy mess. Start with your hair being dried and ready. take small sections of your hair and clip them up using hair pins. Twist your hair around these large hair pins, then spray with hairspray. Use a straightener to heat up the hair, then leaving it in place. Once the hair has cooled down, pull out the pins and use a paddle brush to really elevate the frizz.


Effie Trinket


To model your hair after the popular Hunger Games character, going big and bold is the way to get the hairstyle accomplished. Start out with the over the top makeup using bright pink eyeshadow and bright lipstick. In addition to this curl the hair into tight short ringlets which will remain around the frame of the face. This can be enhanced with additional hair accessories to really set the style apart.

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