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September 23, 2014

Tips for a Fuller Ponytail


A ponytail can be the most basic way to style your hair, or it can be made extraordinary. If you are in a hurry to get ready, don’t let your hair suffer the consequences. Learn these tips to delivering a fuller ponytail for your hair. While simple, these changes can make a big impact.


Lengthening the Ponytail


Those with shorter hair can still lengthen their ponytail by following one simple trick when pulling their hair back. Instead of pulling all the hair into one elastic, first start with the top layer, pulling the hair into what looks like a half ponytail take the bottom half of the hair and pull that into a ponytail just below this. Allow the first ponytail to fall over. When not spread too far apart, they will give the appearance of one ponytail, one that is not only high enough to add body, but is longer than expected.


The Extra Clip


Add an extra clip to the base of your ponytail to give it the extra body you’ve been lacking. This should be a small, not easily spotted, hairclip that can be comfortably placed. Start out by putting your hair in the ponytail as you normally would. At the base of the elastic, split the hair in half with a horizontal motion. Put the clip in place then let the hair drop back around it, covering it completely.


Let it be Messy


There is a tendency we have with our hair as well as other styles to make things more perfect and uniform. While in some cases this can be good, there are many advantages that come from a messy ponytail. This look offers your hair a more natural feel, and will add texture and volume.


Salt Spray


Add more body to your hair with a salt spray. For those who have fine hair, this will add a bit more texture, allowing for easier styling when it comes to a bold ponytail. There are brands of salt sprays that can be purchased specifically for adding texture to your hair, or you can create your own with salt and water.

There are a number of ways to spruce up your ponytail. Try out the methods that work best for your hair texture and style. By making these changes, you will more effectively get the look in a ponytail you want without spending an unnecessary amount of time teasing and combing your hair in the mirror.

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