September 9, 2014

What Are Eyelash Perms?

While most people have heard of eyelash extensions, eyelash perms are a less common procedure used to get somewhat similar results. Learn more about how eyelash perms came about, and what they can do to add the right curl to your lashes. Forget dealing with the curler every morning, instead enjoy all the advantages that will come with an eyelash perm.



The History


While for over a century we have looked for ways to increase the curl of our lashes, achieving this through a perm has only been a recent occurrence. In 1905 the first eyelash curler that could be safely used was invented by a German hairstylist. Since this time advances have been made, but the main purpose has remained the same. Sometime just after 2000 the concept of eyelash perms came to the forefront of many salons, using the same concept as perming the hair. Because of the chemicals used here, it is important to have your eyelashes permed by a trained professional to ensure it is done right.


The Perm


For many people perming their eyelashes is a great alternative to spending excessive amounts of time in the bathroom each morning trying to get the perfect curl to your lashes. The results will last somewhere about three months until our lashes grow out. The perm will hold to your lashes until they grow out. To keep the perm lasting evenly on your lashes, get them done about every two months.


Like everything in life, there are risks associated with eyelash perms. This makes it only more important to have the procedure completed by a professional. The process can lead to your eyelids feeling a burning sensation when not properly applied. This can lead to more serious problems, especially if the solution is left on for too long. Make sure to do your research, getting your eyelash perm done at a reputable location. Enjoy all the benefits of curled eyelashes while minimizing the risks that can come.

Get the most from your eyelashes with an eyelash perm. This can be the most simple and beneficial solution to give your eyes the extra pop they need without spending extended periods of time every morning to make it happen.

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