October 31, 2014

5 Things You Need to Know About Owning a Salon


Opening your own salon can be a unique and exciting challenge for those in the beauty industry. While this business venture may seem pretty self explanatory, there are a few things that you must know. Learn these five tips prior to owning your salon to ensure success.

The Cost

Starting out a business is a very expensive project, one that can not turn a lot of profit in the beginning. In most cases, a business won’t begin to see a profit until after the first two years. Take this into consideration beforehand, creating a plan for these beginning years. Make sure you have the finances to start your business, and keep it going when the income isn’t what you necessarily want it to be.


There’s more to running a business than meets the eye. As with any business, a salon will require certain licensing to be able to function. This will depend on the city you live in, as well as a few other factors. You will also be required to pass a health inspection, so make sure your salon is up to standards here. Be sure to keep your salon functioning with the right licensing and safety procedures.


Depending on the cosmetologists and estheticians that will be working in your salon, there will be varying schedules. This is one of the advantages of going into this industry, as variant schedules allow for more client schedules to be met. As a salon owner, it will be important to have the salon open at times that are crucial for your employees, to allow for their schedules as well as their client’s schedules.

Market Right

There are probably many other salons around your area. It is important to establish what makes you unique as a salon. This may not be important for those who rely heavily on returning clientele, but for those with a heavy emphasis on walk in clients, this will be crucial. Make sure you have the proper signage out defining all your services. This will make a big impact on who sees your business and decides to come visit.

Hiring the Right People

Bringing the right people to be part of your business is crucial for success. It may seem like there are many people out there looking for jobs at a good salon, but it is important to choose those who have the same core values as you, and fit in with the feel of your salon. Make this decision carefully, first observing the style and techniques before hiring someone.

Getting started is often the hardest part, but with hard work you will see success over time. Take these things into account before starting your own salon to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

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