October 15, 2014

Best Ideas for Recycling Your Old Shampoo Bottles

While we may use our shampoo and conditioner every day, do we even give a second thought to the bottles once they are gone? Rather than just throwing these items away, there are many uses for them. Look into the different options you have to recycle, helping to reduce clutter in your home and save on organization products.


Shampoo bottles come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and more. While some bottles are cheap and unattractive, others carry with them an aesthetic appeal. Not every bottle will fit this standard, but choosing the right bottles will be beneficial. This doesn’t mean you should choose your shampoo based on the bottle, first choose the shampoo that will be beneficial to your hair. Shampoo bottles made of glass can be used for flower vases, collections, or a scoop of sand from the beach you visited accompanied with a few sea shells. Choose the decor that will best fit your style.


Practical Uses

There are a number of practical uses around the home that can use a shampoo bottle. These can be everything from storage to transferring and everything in between. Some of the most common practical uses within the walls of your home include:


  • Store pet items close to the desired locations to make it easier to manage. Cat litter and pet food are all stored in big bags which can be a hassle out in the open. Store these important items instead near the litter box and food dishes in large shampoo bottles. This will help keep down the clutter, and make it easier to manage.

  • In most homes the garage is the most common source for clutter. Use old shampoo bottles to keep order of nails, washers, screws, and other small products.

  • Depending on your hobbies, there may be many small parts. Shampoo bottles can be a great way to keep track of sewing buttons and needles, beads, water color storage, and more. The items that can fit inside all depends on the size of the bottle and the bottle opening.


Look around your home for these possible uses and upcycle those old shampoo bottles.


Keeping Cool

Whether you are traveling far or just spending the afternoon at the park, keeping the food you’ve packed cool is a challenge, especially after a couple hours. Instead of wasting money on ice packs, fill your old shampoo bottle with water and freeze it overnight. These can also be used to cool yourself down during the hot summer days.

Don’t just throw away your old shampoo bottles, there may be a good use for them. Look for the areas of your life where these may be useful and incorporate them here.

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