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October 21, 2014

Five Foods That Will Age You


As important as it is to learn which foods are good for your health, it is just as important to learn which foods to avoid. There are some choices that will do harm, causing your body to experience the negative effects of aging before you are ready. Take a look at these five foods that will age you, and learn to consume them in moderation, or cut them out of your diet completely.





Sugar is everywhere. While it seems as though we can’t completely avoid refined sugars in our daily diet, we can significantly reduce the amount we consume. Stay away from sugary sweets as much as possible as too much will start the process of glycation. This is the way in which cells are able to process the sugar you eat, using it as an energy source. When you intake more than your cells can handle, damage can be done to the collagen of your skin, aging you significantly.





As with all things in life, alcohol must be consumed in moderation. Your liver is more important than you may realize in your healthy skin. This organ will help filter out toxins that may have a direct influence on the skin, instead filtering them out in a healthy way. An excessive amount of alcohol will put extra stress on your liver, reducing its ability to complete this task. Drinking too much alcohol can result in skin problems, but also has a negative impact on your sleep schedule, another cause of advanced aging.





As with sugar, the average diet is much too high in salt. Even if you aren’t adding salt to your food, there will usually be a high concentration of it in your everyday meal. Instead of buying canned vegetables, opt for fresh ones or even frozen. These will have a much lower salt content. An excessive amount of salt will give your skin, especially in your face, a puffy look as it causes you to retain water.


Processed Meat



Most processed meats including sausage and deli meat have preservatives and sulfites in high quantities. These dangerous foods when eaten too often can lead to skin inflammation, causing you to looked aged. Whenever possible buy meat products that are fresh or frozen yet not processed including fish, chicken, and turkey. These will be better for your overall health, and the appearance of your skin.


Red Meat



Red meat should be consumed in extreme moderation. This fatty meat can do damage to the otherwise healthy skin cells. Over time eating too much red meat will result in your skin losing the ability to regenerate collagen, resulting in aging. To protect your skin from this damage, eat red meat very sparingly, instead choosing lean meats like fish and turkey.

The foods we eat have an influence on our appearance and overall health. Make any changes necessary to your diet to protect your body from the negative effects of aging.

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