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October 27, 2014

Halloween Makeup Tips


Halloween is only four days away, have you come up with your perfect costume idea? There’s still time to come up with an extravagant, simple, or just downright ridiculous costume. For many costume choices, the makeup is one of the most important aspects, yet this is the element that often gets forgotten. Take a look at these suggestions for your Halloween makeup style, and how to accomplish these easily.


In Place of Plastic



A plastic mask is common with Halloween costumes, but this can become uncomfortable over the course of an evening. Instead create your mask using facepaint. For example, any superhero mask can be drawn onto the face with a little help and creativity. If you don’t want to go all out with your costume, this can be a great way for others to identify you without needing the whole outfit. Get a friend to paint on the mask, giving you the superhero edge.


Over the Top



Looks such as the Day of the Dead skull have become iconic, making the perfect fit for a Halloween costume. With this you can be as over the top as you want, adding flowers and stitches to your face in your own style. Each Day of the Dead makeup design used will be unique, but instantly recognizable. Go full out on your makeup instead of worrying about the rest of your costume.





A puppet can be made into a frightening, cute, or fun costume design. The clothes can be everyday wear, so the makeup is where your attention and design counts. To start out, put the emphasis on your cheeks and eyes. These are two areas where puppets and dolls are exaggerated. Use blush to accentuate your cheeks, and dark eyeliner around a thick layer of white eyeliner to accent your eyes, along with your favorite eyeshadow. The most important aspect of this costume comes from the lines representing the drop jaw feature of a puppet.





With The Walking Dead and other similar shows, zombies are an important part of pop culture right now. Once again what you wear isn’t the most important part here, although tattered older clothing would be ideal, but the time and attention spent on makeup will matter most. There are a few different techniques to get the zombie look in your makeup. One of the more intricate involves using elmers glue to stick small pieces of toilet paper across your face. In essence, this process makes a paper mache out of your skin. From here add green, red, black, or whatever makeup you wish to give your skin the peeling and rotting zombie appearance.

Don’t skip the makeup when designing your Halloween costume this year. By making a few simple yet effective changes to your face, you can switch the focus of your costume, creating something unique from the rest. For those who want to go the extra mile, get your Halloween makeup done by a makeup artist to see a creative vision come to life.

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