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October 23, 2014

Men’s Grooming Trends


While women’s fashion is often front and center, there are new trends in men’s fashion that are often changing and evolving. Take a look at some of the current men’s grooming trends, and where these will be headed in the coming years.


No Shave All Year



No Shave is no longer reserved to November. From hipsters to businessmen, the beard is in. Facial hair is in from every style. Whether you love just a little stubble, a simple mustache, or a full grown beard, you’ll be in style.





There are many different elements to the vintage style. This has more to do with than just the undercut slicked back look. Contrasting other current trends, the vintage look is all about being clean shaven. From here formalwear is the most important element. Keep this classy look staying sharp with the right outfits to compliment.


Long Hair



In recent times, the longer the hair the better. Men have begin growing out their style, but it isn’t in the wild and ragged styles of the past. These longer styles consist of the hair being healthy and properly taken care of. Rather than letting the hair grow wild, this style is often kept back in a neat bun or ponytail. Men who choose this style should follow many of the same maintenance and care procedures that women with long hair follow to prevent split ends and other common problems.





In opposites, the shaved look is also in right now. This defined look puts the focus on the facial features of the man. This look isn’t just for those who have thinning hair, anyone can choose to buzz their hair. While this may seem like a low maintenance hairstyle, it will require much effort in keeping the hair shaved. Take this into account before committing to this hairstyle.

Men’s fashion is changing almost as often as women’s. Choose a style that fits you, or make strides in paving the way for your own unique style.

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