October 6, 2014

Tips for Braiding Your Hair


Learning how to braid hair is a challenge, but braiding your own hair is even more complex. There are ways you can make the process easier, helping to give your hair the braided look you want. Following these tips along with time and practice will help turn you into a braiding pro, getting the look you want without the hassle and time it can take.





The process of braiding is made much easier when your hair has been combed through and is knot free. This is especially important for those who have thicker hair, taking longer to get through. Make sure you take the time beforehand to comb through before starting, ensuring your hair will fit into a braid easily.


Wet Hair or Dry Hair?


Depending on the look you want for your braid, you will need to decide if you want your hair to be wet starting out or dry. Starting out with wet hair will lead to a more uniform braid, tightly put in place. Hair that is starting out dry will give a messier appearance. Depending on the style you are going for, choose the dampness of your hair.


The Braid



Once you have gotten your hair ready to braid, it is time to start the process. Choose the type of braid you will be doing whether that is a french braid, fishtail, simple braid, or something more complex. Secure the base of your hair. If you are doing something other than a french braid, tie the hair into a ponytail to make it easier to work with. You can later remove this or keep it styled in this way. Start moving down the hair, securing it at the bottom when finished.


Easy Tricks



While the concept of braiding is easy, making it look cute, especially with your own hair, can be a challenge. These tricks will make it easier to braid the hair, giving you the desired look:


  • Make sure to pull it tight. Even if you are looking for a loose braid, you should start braiding it tightly. You can loosen it later, but this will ensure all the hair will be secured in the braid without strands hanging out.

  • Judge how much hair you need to start with. This is especially important for french braids. Take into account how thick your hair is, and choose the beginning section from this point.

  • It doesn’t have to be perfect. Right now the messy braid is in style, take advantage of it. Tease and do your hair in the way you like without worrying about every strand being in place.

Find a braid style you like and practice it frequently. Learn the techniques behind the braid you love for the best benefits.

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