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December 23, 2014

Holiday Hair Trends


The holiday season is well upon us. With Christmas just a few short days away, more holiday parties will come, including New Years. Take a look at some of these popular holiday hair trends, and how you can incorporate them into your style.


The Bun



There are many different types of buns you can employ for your hair. This holiday, consider wearing a sleek bun that keeps your hair in place. Choose a sharp part to really bring the attention to this style. Since this hairstyle is so simple in design, it can be spiced up with a festive headband. Choose one that matches with your outfit, pulling your style together.


Bold Waves

Curls are the perfect addition to any holiday style, but bold waves make a true statement. Use either hot rollers or a curling wand to get this desired effect. Rather than taking the normal small sections of hair, grab bigger sections for each curl, giving more natural looking waves. Make sure to take the time after the curl to properly style, adding body to your hair.


The Right Accessory



Like the bun, sometimes the right accessory can be just the edge your hair needs. Choose from a number of sparkling, bold, or simple hair accessories that compliment your style. If you already have a busy outfit on, choose a softer accessory that complements it. Too much going on will appear to be busy.


Don’t Write Off The Simple



Sometimes what you really need is something simple for your holiday style. Even a simple ponytail can be classed up, making it appropriate for any holiday party. You can incorporate beach waves, with a low ponytail that slides down your back. Add body at the base of the ponytail, giving more to your hair here.





Braids are becoming increasingly popular, and can be added to a number of different hairstyles. Before creating your braid for a holiday party, make sure you practice the braid as these can be tricky to accomplish. You can make the braid the focus of your style, or simply an accent to the look.

This holiday season, choose the hairstyle that best fits your style. You can better present your holiday hair look simply by incorporating one of these styles. Choose what will best suit your outfit, makeup, and even your personality.

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