December 10, 2014

The History of Makeup


Since it was first developed, makeup has come a long way. Makeup has been around for thousands of years. While the products and popular styles have changed, there are some things that remain the same. Take a further look back at how far makeup has come, and how this benefits women everywhere.


The Beginning



The earliest use of makeup dates back to 4000 BC with the Ancient Egyptians. Women at this time would use ointment to keep their skin free of wrinkles. In addition to this, women wore dark green coloring under their eyes and kohl (created by grinding a few ingredients including lead sulfide) to their lashes and upper eyelid to darken the coloring.


A few thousand years after these beginnings, Persians were using henna dyes to stain both their faces and hair. Through this point and beyond kohl was still used as a darkening agent as it was fashionable to darken particularly the eyelashes.


1600s to 1800s



During the 1600s, wealthy women began to wear a face powder. While this helped them achieve their desired look, the powder proved to be deadly to some as it was made with arsenic.


Dark lipstick, eyebrows, and hair became popular in the late 1700s. Women started using hair dye to achieve these dark colors. Most of these recipes used contained at least some amount of herbs and plants, but unfortunately some amount of lead and mercury as well. This led to serious problems, some as simple as hair loss while other situations resulted in death.


At the beginning of the 1800s, the desire to have dark thick eyebrows was gone, replaced by plucking the excess hair here. There was a great contrast created between the colors of the face as rice powder was used around the visage along with red beet juice against their cheeks.


1900s to now



In the early 1900s the first pressed powders were created, alongside a mirror and puff. This was soon followed by pressed blush, both made easier to use on the go. During the 1920s the first eyelash curler was invented. Movie stars began to use more parts of makeup including blush, henna to outline the eyes, and lip gloss. Their use of these products significantly increased the popularity.


There were many celebrities during this time and up to now that influenced specific styles. One of the biggest influence came in the 1950s. Audrey Hepburn’s outlined cat eyes made a significant contribution to style, and still continues to have an impact today.


Into the 1990s and today cosmetic products made a significant shift, focusing heavily on eliminating or reducing cellulite and wrinkles. Many products today are still combating these things.

Since women first began using makeup, it has come a long way. What’s your favorite style from now or the past that you use?

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