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December 4, 2014

What Causes Dry Skin?


Especially during the winter months, dry skin becomes a real problem for many people. Everything from cracked skin to flaky patches of dead skin can be not only annoying to deal with, but potentially embarrassing. Learn more about the causes of dry skin to help you make the changes for healthier skin.


Winter Weather



The most common source of dry skin comes from the winter weather. This happens for a number of reasons, particularly because of the drop in humidity. Because of how cold and dry the outside air is, any moisture in our skin evaporates faster, giving a flaky and dry appearance to the skin.


To better protect your skin from the harsh weather of winter, wear gloves, scarves, and hats whenever outdoors to better protect against the elements. During these months generously apply lotion, especially to your hands and face which will most often be exposed to the cold.





Taking a long shower or bath might feel like a great way to warm up during the winter, but it could be drying out your skin. Soaking in the hot water can take away some of the protective oils of your skin, causing it to dry out faster. The longer your shower, more moisture will be lost.


Try to limit the amount of time you spend showering and turn down the heat just a bit. Both of these practices will help protect the natural oils of your skin.


The Wrong Soap



Washing your hands too frequently can dry out your hands, but the type of soap you use can make a big difference as well. Bar soaps can be damaging to your skin, using detergents to strip the natural oils from your hands.


To better protect your hands, avoid the bar soaps at all costs. Instead invest in soaps that have moisturizing agents, helping to keep your hands smooth.


Lack of Water



Unfortunately many people do not drink as much water as they should during the winter months for a lack of hot sweaty temperatures. Because you are still losing moisture through your skin, it can be easy to become dehydrated. Even when it’s cold outside, you are still losing moisture here.


Make sure to keep drinking plenty of water during the winter, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Avoid drinks and soups high in caffeine and sodium as these will both cause you to lose water.

You can fight dry skin, even in the winter months. Take the steps to better protect your skin from the loss of moisture, reducing the chance of dry skin.

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