January 23, 2015

What You’ll Learn in Makeup Artistry


Have you always wanted to attend school for makeup artistry but you weren’t quite sure it was the right decision for you? While pursuing a career in the beauty industry already through Avalon, you can add on a two week experience to become a professional makeup artist. During your short time in these classes, you will learn a great deal about makeup artistry, and how to become a success in this field.


You Get What You Pay For


As with many things in life, when it comes to working in makeup artistry you get what you pay for. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on your makeup tools to get the best. Getting better quality tools will help you become the best makeup artist you can be. Your tools should reflect your advanced skills. When investing in your basic brushes for makeup artistry, be sure you purchase:


  • Foundation brush

  • powder brush

  • blush brush

  • concealer brush

  • bending brush

  • eyeshadow brush

  • angle brush

  • lip brush


These basic brushes will all be crucial for your career as a makeup artist.




Learning your client’s natural undertones and how to conceal those necessary is crucial as a makeup artist. You’ll soon learn more about the color wheel, and what color will be necessary. Makeup artists must find a way to cover unnaturally red areas, zits, and other stubborn marks on the face, giving the appearance of smooth clean skin.


Make the Eyes Pop


Contouring can be used to manipulate face shape. In somewhat the same way, highlights around the eyes can be used to make your eyes pop. Learn the different types of shapes faces can take, and what can be done to alter to the desired shape. In many cases, making the eyes stand out will be a big priority for the makeup artist.


Applying Eyeliner


For many women, applying eyeliner is one of the most difficult and often time consuming parts of applying makeup. Through the makeup artistry program you will learn about the different types of eyeliner (liquid, pencil, gel, powder) and the best way to apply them. In addition to this, you will learn more about when to use each type.

These are just a few of the important things you will learn while studying makeup artistry. If you’re looking to start an exciting new career in a field that will let you explore your creativity, apply for our Avalon program. Reach the career of your dreams in a matter of weeks! 877-297-2118

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