March 13, 2015

Passing the State Board of Esthetics Exam

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Upon completion of all of your cosmetology school hours, you will need to pass the state board of esthetics exam to begin practicing in your state. This exam will likely vary depending on your state, but you can still do some basic things to prepare. Above all, make sure you are up to date on the foundational skills that will be tested on the exam.

Essential Skills

You are well versed in the basic techniques of esthetics that will help you pass the test and ensure that you are well prepared for your future career as a esthetician. There are a few essential skills that you should be sure to learn as well as possible before your final test.

  • types of skin
  • skin treatment protocol
  • pigmentation
  • product application and removal procedure
  • cleansing and steaming procedures
  • extraction procedures
  • mask usage
  • hair removal procedures
  • color theory and makeup application
  • face and body treatments

Before taking the practice exam you should understand each one of these concepts and be comfortable executing each one of them.

Preparing for the Practical Exam

The practical exam is a big moment for aspiring estheticians, but you can improve your chances of success by following some basic steps. Here are a few helpful tips.

  • Prepare Your Supplies- You want to make sure that you have prepared the supplies you are going to use well in advance. Pack your kit a couple days early and double check everything the night before. You don’t want to show up missing a crucial item.
  • Arrive on Time- If you show up late, you may not be able to take the test. Plan your route, know how long it takes, and anticipate the parking situation. Try to arrive at least 10 minutes early.
  • Pay Close Attention- When you are nervous, it is easy to get confused with instructions, so pay close attention to the instructions. Take a breath and make sure you know what is expected before you begin.
  • Take Your Time- A good strategy is to pace yourself during these exams. Give yourself plenty of time to finish each part of the exam to the best of your ability. Before the exam you should time yourself for an idea of how long everything takes.
  • Trust Yourself- Once it’s time to take the exam, you will need to trust yourself that you can deliver on everything you’ve practiced. If you have practiced beforehand and are prepared, you will succeed.

The state board esthetics exam is an important part of advancing your career as an esthetician. Passing this exam represents a big step, so do everything possible to make sure you are equipped for success.

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