June 3, 2015

Getting a Cosmetology License

The world of cosmetology is an exciting one, but if you’re ready to open your own shop or even work in another one, a cosmetology license is an absolute must. What’s required to get started? This brief overview can help.

Begin With a Great Education
cosmetology1While the requirements to obtain your cosmetology license vary from state to state, in almost every location, you have to start with a solid education. Almost every state will require you to attend an accredited program for a specific number of hours then move in to hands-on training. Perhaps the best part about the hands-on training, though, is that nearly every program you consider will factor this in to your education.

State Exams
The final step in the process is to pass your state board exams to obtain your license. The test typically assesses your knowledge of treatments, techniques, and the body as related to the type of work you’ll be doing. Often your courses will offer you the study guides you need to pass the exams.

After the Test
Once you’ve passed the test, you’re a licensed cosmetologist! It doesn’t stay that way for long, though. You’ll have to renew your license every year, and in many places, you may even need to complete continuing education hours to do so.

Let Avalon Help!
If you’re ready to become a professional cosmetologist, let our unique beauty college programs help. We have a passion for the beauty industry, and we offer great programs to fit your needs. For more than four decades, we’ve been working with students just like you who are ready for the excitement this industry has to offer. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and services, then let us help you get your cosmetology license and become the professional you’ve always dreamed about!

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