June 11, 2015

Visit to Park Avenue Blow Dry And Beauty Bar To See Graduates

Avalon School of Cosmetology recently visited Park Avenue Blow Dry Beauty Bar in Phoenix, Arizona.  There they met with owner, Holli Christensen.  She showed them around her salon and she talked about why she likes to hire Avalon graduates.

Avalon also interviewed recent graduates Lino Martinez & Dallas Paterson.  They talked about what they learned at Avalon School of Cosmetology and what has helped them the most in their careers.

Watch the full video here.

To learn more about our school and schedule a tour, contact us today at 877-297-2118 or visit us online at https://avalon.edu/locations/phoenix-az/

Man 1:  Welcome to Park Avenue.


Holli Christensen:  Hi, I’m the owner of Park Avenue Blow Dry Beauty Bar. We are actually a full‑service salon that specializes in studio hairstyling for TV, film, special events, as well as a make‑up artistry. I love using Avalon as a resource for my main, really talented staff members.

Lino Martinez, Artist:  I’m with Park Avenue, and am current graduate from Avalon Cosmetology School. What I have to say about Avalon is that I did learn a lot about how to communicate with my clients, so now here at a real salon I can talk to them and interact with them so much better, and they keep coming back to me. A lot of the things that I learned is how to do hair with better quality. Here we focus on bridal and makeup. I learned and noticed how that has totally flourished in my career. I am very grateful for that.

Dallas Paterson, Artist at Park Avenue:  Avalon gave me all the tools and education. It’s brought me here. This salon’s called Park Avenue where I sell and do blowouts, highlights, men’s haircuts, women’s haircuts, facials, nails. We do everything here. At Avalon is where I got to learn about all these different avenues. That’s really helped my career. It’s given me a jump, a lift‑up into the world of cosmetology. It’s something that I look forward to coming to work every day. I’d like to thank Avalon for that.

Woman 2:  Other schools that I’ve worked with career days and all that, special events and stuff like that. Avalon has been really responsive and actually pairs me with people that are really good

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