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July 28, 2015

Maintaining Your Manicure During The Summer


Summertime means sandals, shorts, and dresses! So it’s no doubt that we want our fingers and toes to be just as sunny and glistening! The warm weather always has us giving more attention to nail maintenance, from color to those cute nail art designs, and because of that we tend to notice chips and flaws on our fingernails and toenails.

With summer having us spending so much time out and about (probably another reason we want to show off our manis and pedis even more), chips in your nails simply just happen. This is why we’ve compiled a list of 4 ways to help you maintain your manicure this summer.

1. Keep your nails short and shaped.NailBuffer Giving your nails a specific shape—liked rounded or squared–makes it less likely that they will catch on anything and bend or break.

Whether or not you prefer long nails, keeping them shorter will make your nails less susceptible to damage and help maintain your mani longer. Shorter nails tend to be more out of the way from potential hazards such as typing and generally just bumping into things.

2. Apply a base coat.
The base coat sticks to nails better than nail polish does, giving the nail polish something to stick on for a longer amount of time rather than just your nails.

3. As well as a top coat.
The reason your manicurist applies a clear top coat after your color is because it is the main barrier that protects your polish from chipping and cracking. We recommend a clear coat even daily throughout the duration of your manicure, with a quick-dry clear polish it’s no worries.

*Helpful tip: Swipe one top coat across the tips of your nails first, then do the rest of the nail. Nails always chip at the tips first, this gives that area the extra protection it needs.

4. Love your nail buffer.
Buffing your nails makes them primped and ready for new polish. Your polish with not only last longer but adhere better if your nails are smoothed and buffed.

Are you due for a mani or would like some more tips and tricks? Call Avalon School of Cosmetology today!

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