July 31, 2015

Who Hires a Professional Make-Up Artist

Whether you are just beginning to consider a career as a makeup artist, or you have been attempting to pursue your dreams for some time, it is important to understand what client bases exist for this sort of work, and where you can find them.  After all, without a customer base, a career in makeup artistry is going to be a bit boring… and not particularly profitable, of course.

make up artist1 mayBrides If you know a wedding planner, now is the time to invite her over for dinner or a glass of wine, because she will be a wonderful connection to have as you get your feet wet in this industry.  Brides are a big part of the business.  Women are willing to spend a lot of time and a fair amount of money in order to look their best on their big days, and in the photos that are taken during that time.  This is a great niche to work in because the bridal business is always going to be here.

Beauty Salons Whether it is for weddings, proms, homecoming celebrations, or other big events, salons will often have an influx of customers at certain times of the year.  That often means that they need extra help.  Even if they aren’t prepared to hire you on as a fulltime employee, they might be willing to contract your help during that busy seasons.

Portrait Studios Everyone wants to look good in photos, and for that reason, photography studios will often have makeup artists on-hand to help clients prepare for photoshoots.  So, while you are planning a dinner date with the wedding planner, consider inviting a photographer or two to join you.

Production Studios It’s not just photographers that need help dolling people up.  Video crews want the people they film to look their best as well.  There is a reason that movie stars have a makeup trailer.  They regularly need assistance emphasizing their beauty or ‘becoming another character’.  This is a great opportunity for any makeup artist and certainly a good one to strive for.

Marketing Companies Very often marketing firms have to have special photos taken in order to properly display their products or services.  This will generally require models to take part in the photo shoots.  Even when pictures aren’t being taken, marketing companies will often send young, attractive employees out, on location, to push some new product release.  Because they are always trying to put their best face forward, they will, of course, turn to a makeup artist.

Party Planners We are living in the era of the DIYers.  Everyone wants to be good at everything, and with the internet providing a world of information at their fingertips, becoming knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics is very possible.  However, some things aren’t easily learned without a hands-on education.  That is where you come in.  There is a large population of women who want an excuse to throw a party, and who want to know more tips for makeup application. So, they will hire you for an evening, bring together a bunch of their friends and ask that you teach them your tricks.


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