July 21, 2015

Why ROLFS Salon Hires Avalon Graduates

ROLFS Salon has built a relationship with Avalon School of Cosmetology by getting involved with the job fairs and forming relationships with the staff and students.  ROLFS looks for employees with great people skills, that are professional and can anticipate a clients needs, but also has business skills.

We recently visited ROLFS to talk with graduates and learn how Avalon helped them prepare for their careers. Whether it was helping find their passion within cosmetology or helping to develop students resumes and portfolios, our graduates have praises for the teaching staff at Avalon. There are four locations in the USA, two in the Phoenix area.  To learn more about our school or schedule a tour contact us today at 877-297-2118 or visit us online

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Avalon Visits ROLFS Salon To See Why They Hire Avalon Graduadates

Kristopher:  Hello, my name is Khristopher. I’m part of the Rolfs organization. I head up the cutting department of our salons and academies.

Kathryn:  I’m Kathryn. I take care of the color education here at Rolfs. We’ve been able to develop a relationship with Avalon. We’ve been able to get to know some of the staff and the students. We attend the events and career fairs, as well. We’ve been able to have a lot of success with Avalon graduates in our apprentice program.

Riley:  Hi, I’m Riley. I went to Avalon and I now work at Rolfs Salon.

Avalon has really prepared me with my resumé, putting it together, getting a portfolio together, as well. The career fair that they hold is really amazing. I actually got my interview right on the spot with Rolfs and, a bunch of follow‑ups later, I actually got the job. It was my first interview and everything, and I got it and I love it.

Kristopher:  Rolfs has been in the Valley for about 25 years. We’re actually celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. It’s important for us that when look for the future of Rolfs company that we are able to find students that are, flexible, that are professional, that are able to participate, and [inaudible 01:18] the needs and services of what we are looking for with our students and staff today. It’s important that we see professionalism. Not only that, but business skills, people skills and all of those core elements that really build and maintain the high quality and standards of our company.

Jessica:  Hi, I’m Jessica.

Serena:  Hi, I’m Serena.

Jessica:  We both went to Avalon in the Phoenix Campus.

I really liked Avalon because it is where I got my foundation for everything. Right now I work at Rolfs Salon as a color specialist. Avalon helped me to learn my passion for color and everything that I know now, it all started at Avalon.

We had great instructors that really cared. I loved what they taught me. There’s not one teacher that wouldn’t try to help me learn if I had a question.

Serena:  I really liked going to Avalon. I feel like they really helped me prepare for a State Board. The day I went to take my test, I felt pretty confident about it. They also helped by getting a job. I work at Rolfs as well. They always had a lot of career fairs going on. Joyce helped do my resumé, which was really awesome, because I’d never done a resumé before.

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