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August 14, 2015

Best Colors for Summer Pedi’s

Summer allows us a splash of color in more than just the full green trees– our feet, otherwise covered up in winter, can now speak with clothes and open-toed shoes in all kinds of creative arrangements.  We love nail polish not only for its color, but for its language and the way its name can give an edge to the mood we’d like to take along with us.  When thinking about what color you’d like, you may want to think on these points first.

  • Imagine your outfit.
  • Think about the occasion: what will the environment be like?
  • Are your shoes relaxed sandals or fancy heels?
  • Do you want the color to compliment or interestingly contrast in light tension with these factors?
  • Do you want to wear a color that feels familiar and warm or something new that you’ve never seen before and might brighten the eyes of those who also haven’t noticed it?

It’s amazing how a little bit of color can add something small and subtly brilliant that nobody might’ve realized was missing otherwise. Color can be so important, but which one might be right for you?

Yellow: Summer brings weddings, reunions, graduations, and a flourishing of wildflowers in fields and ditches.  It’s a wonderful time for yellows, on the spectrum from daisy to deep mustard yellow to light sunflower– a good time to remind everyone that the sun’s closer to the earth.

Green: Seafoam green is a lovely, timeless, color for calm occasions.  For something a little edgier, perhaps try a darker sage or forest green.

Pink: For another light color, coral pinks are a nice addition to any repertoire.    There are also fusions, sweet blends of purple and pink.

Red: For a truly solid color, there’s always classic red, a deep berry shade, or a pink that pops.

Glittery Blue: To move away from solid colors, there’s also glitter and blues with shimmer.

Whichever you choose, pick language that works with your confidence.

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