August 5, 2015

Four Great Nail Art Tips for Beginners

Are you new to nail art?  Don’t you trust your ability to create a fabulous look without the help of the professionals?  Considering a career as a nail artist?  If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you should definitely consider practicing some of the simpler forms of nail art.  With easy tricks like these, you will have renewed faith in your artistic ability.

nail art1 mayBring Out the Scotch Tape for Great Patterns Just like painters’ tape pulls away from the wall, giving painters the ability to create great patterns with clean lines, Scotch tape is a great nail art tool… starbursts, stripes, angles, zigzags and more.

Create the Look of Lace… with Lace For a lacy effect, first apply a dark coat of nail polish and seal it off with a clear top coat. Once it is dry, take a piece of lace and using it as a stencil, apply the lighter coat on top, with the help of a cotton bud or a tooth pick. Lace on nails — very chic, we think!

Recreate the Beauty From Above Cotton swabs can be torn and the small pieces can be used to dab on white fingernail polish, in order to create the look of clouds.  Add to this look by applying small dots of clear nail polish.  Allow this to dry thoroughly and it will look like tiny rain drops stuck to your cloudy fingernails.

Sparkle Ombré There are so many beautiful sparkle and glitter nail polishes on the market.  While they can be beautiful simply applied over a white basecoat, you can do so much more by applying them with flair.  For instance, lay down a base coat of a color that contrasts with the sparkle polish.  When that coat is dry, apply the glitter polish in a thin line across the top of the nail (like a French manicure), then wipe the brush clean and drag it from the top of the nail toward the bottom so the sparkle polish remains heaviest at the top of the nail and fades out as you work toward the bottom.

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