August 24, 2015

Hottest Summer Hair Styles

With summer heat upon us, hair can begin to feel like a weight we didn’t realize we had before.  Interestingly, any modification, no matter how slight, can make it feel so much lighter.  Wondering what you should do with your hair this summer? Take a quick look.

If you want to keep your haSummer Style1 Juneir long, a trim along with angled layers that don’t lessen length too much will give your hair a real sense of movement.  No matter the length, it’s nice to frame hair around your face.  Start there.  For mid-length hair, begin layers at the chin.  Or, allow same-length ends to angle sharply around the face in an elegant and edgy look.  Consider an asymmetrical cut in which one side is slightly longer; these angles will accentuate your face.  Try some soft shoulder length layers parted on the side for a gentle look.

If you’re growing out bangs, try casually curling your hair in a few waves so the rest doesn’t look so long in comparison and they blend in.  If you’d like bangs, consider thin ones that won’t fall too heavily on your forehead.  For long hair without layers, try occasionally curling the ends to give more volume.

For short hair, there’s an asymmetrical side sweep in which both sides can do their own thing, perhaps one soft and slightly longer, the other shorter and no nonsense– you can have as many moods as the swirly summer sky does at once.  Or, a short layered crop falls like it shapes to the face directly and naturally.  For a look that really keeps your head cool, try shorter hair in the back and slightly longer on top and front.  Add an undercut side part for a dynamic style.  The pixie cut has also returned and along with it, a variation that involves leaving some length around the face while the back remains short.

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