August 10, 2015

Summer Hair Care Tips

Spending the summer outside? It can seem like total perfection, right? Maybe not so much for your hair. We’ve all noticed how humidity can make hair unwieldy in terms of frizz, and though the sun shines, it can take out some of the shine in our hair.  What can you do to make this summer a better one for your hair? Take a look.

  • Why not start this new season with a trim, eithsummer June1er a delicate clip of dry loose ends or a whole new shorter style?  Whatever your hairstyle, find creative ways to keep it from the sun– fashion a scarf, which aids in protecting from sun rays and allows your roots to hold onto their moisture, or, wear a wide-brimmed sun hat.
  • Moisture is essential for great summer hair, and there are lots of ways to pack it in. One key to retaining moisture in summertime is a good conditioner.  “Good” conditioner includes ones that are not only made of water but rather natural ingredients such as coconut, shea butter, olive, avocado, or even old fashioned apple cider vinegar from the cupboard.  Try to condition your hair with your fingers to the point where you don’t even need to comb outside the shower.  Also, remember, swimming, whether ocean or chlorine, can also pull moisture from your hair, so rinse your hair before and after these dips.
  • Covering your hair doesn’t just help you hang on to that moisture. It will also help with tangles.  At times, give into the freeing nature of letting your hair blow in the wind– it’s good for your soul.  When you comb (better than a brush) out the knots, start from the bottom tips, gently, patiently, and work your way up to your scalp.
  • Blow drying can damage more quickly since your head’s already getting so much sun, so, it’s best to air dry.  While it’s imperative to deeply condition your hair to keep it healthy, it’s actually better to wash your hair less frequently in the summer, even if you’re just rinsing instead of shampooing.  This allows natural oils to do their job rather than literally washing them out.

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