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September 8, 2015

4 Beautiful Reasons To Go Back To School This Fall!

Avalon School of Cosmetology- 4 Beautiful Reasons To Go Back To School This Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and while it has been dubbed by many as the “season of sweaters” it is more importantly the time when classes reconvene and classes fill with eager students!

There are many benefits that come of earning a degree or vocational certificate, such as opportunity for higher wages, benefits and retirement plans. For many people, their job is the sole source of financial stability, but it provides little to no room for advancement either in merit or pay because of the nature of their occupation.

Dead-end jobs provide the bare necessities, but careers provide a platform for future planning, growth and development.
Still, there are individuals who may be hesitant about returning to school, because they fear that they will be out of place in the student body. Additionally there may also be concerns about the stigma attached to non-traditional students.

Check out these 4 reasons to get back to school this Fall!

Increase Your Earning Potential
Earning a degree or certificate provides an opportunity for gainful employment and future promotion and growth. While many full time jobs satisfy the basic financial needs, many of them lack the ability to move up in merit, and pay grade. Going back to school this fall could mean as little as a year between you and uncapped future earnings.

Secure Your Future
Education and Training will place you in the community of people that employers are looking to hire from.
While it can be difficult to work while attending class, the opportunities available afterwards are worth it. For instance the financial stability that accompanies high-paying salaries are an obvious benefit, but so are the other perks such as health insurance, and retirement packages. Having the ability to plan for your future and maybe the future of your family as well is priceless.
Challenge Yourself
We get stuck in routines, but you’re ready to move forward and break the mold. Going back to school will do just that. Maybe you have already completed some course of education and have been considering returning, now is the time! If the field that you’re currently working in doesn’t satisfy you, then consider seeking other options. Cosmetology courses are fast-paced and hands-on! The material that you study is just as important as the time spent mastering technique.
Networking Opportunities
Building a strong professional network is the first step in establishing solid credibility. For stylists specifically, connections are everything and the more people who are familiar with your name and work means that you have a stronger competitive edge over other applicants.

Avalon School of Cosmetology offers programs in Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Makeup Artistry; learn more about how joining the Avalon family can change your life.

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