September 22, 2015

The Smokey Eye – A How To Guide

The smokey, smoldering, blend of eye shadow and liner brings forth the fire and light in your eyes. Like any good craft, while there are steps that go into creating this alluring effect, if done smoothly, the look will appear effortless. It may take a bit of practice, but it won’t take long to perfect. Here are some steps and tricks to try:

  • Smokey Eye1Begin with primer and concealer (especially any under eye circles) to start with a fresh base.
  • Apply eye shadow from lashes to crease, and a line on your lower lashes. To choose a dark shade, you could go with the timeless and traditional black, grey, or silver to make your eyes shimmer. You might also try a modern take with purples, dark greens, or perhaps navy blues to complement an outfit or your natural eye color.
  • To make the shadow soft and smoky, blend it together with a brush, Q-tip, or finger, dissolving any lines.
  • With soft color placed around your eyes, run a black pencil along your upper and lower lash lines. Such lines provide definition for that softness, giving you both warmth and edge.
  • For a little touch of shine, you could try highlighting the eye pencil lines; its subtle shimmer will make your eyes sparkle all the more.
  • To bring the smokey look to its full luxurious potential, lengthen and darken your eyelashes with mascara.
  • Consider curling your mascara laden lashes for extra elegance.

The smokey eye is a sexy combination of softness and definition that lets the fire in your eyes do some of the talking. It’s an alluring, mysterious look that when opened, allows your inward expression to come forth. You can keep to yourself with the smokey eye until something’s worth bubbling forth for.

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