October 5, 2015

6 Great Hair Color Trends

Summer’s a great time to change up your hairstyle and go for something different. Other seasons allow for reflection and slower changes, but summer weather draws us out for a whirlwind of activities. Shake up the routine a little and try one of the latest color trends:

  • Shair colorhades of red (chestnut, copper, strawberry) catch the light in a lovely tint and gives new contrast to your eyes. One of the wonderful things about red is that it can work with almost any natural color hair in the right shade. It’s a popular, fun, choice right now. Red hair a subtly daring trend, and can give your smile new context. Imagine the lipsticks you can use to match!
  • A dark brunette color fits well with brown or hazel eyes. Dark brunette holds depth, sleekness, and a kind of no-nonsense.
  • For a lighter shade of brown, try sun-kissed mahogany. This color creates a soft look that sunlight softens further.
  • If you want to try a shinier shade of brown, bronze medal will reflect the light well.
  • For lovers of blonde hair, try blending in some caramel highlights that fuse naturally like a cream rather than distinct strips. This style swirls like caramel and out in the sun, the swirls will seem to melt together naturally.
  • For something shinier, you could try Beyonce’s platinum. For something a bit more subtle, Taylor Swift’s gentle wheat color.

What color have you wanted to try but haven’t quite felt bold enough? This year’s summer hair color trends tend toward solid, simple colors with less highlights and flairs. These colors have a depth to them that doesn’t require additional pizzazz. Solid colors that are just fully themselves without any fuss, helping you to follow suit.

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