October 27, 2015

The Importance of Business Training in Beauty School

Business training in beauty school provides a way to channel the skills, techniques, creativity, and inspiration you gathered through the program. Training and practicing something is like learning a new language. In this case, the fluency for that language is practicing techniques and styles so much that they become part of your muscle memory, your natural lexicon. However, without proper ways to keep that language flowing and learning more and more of its nuances, not only might the skills fade, but they may not have as much of a chance to blossom as they otherwise would.

Business training is an important component of beauty school education so that you can feel confident that you carry the tools you need to apply your craft without obstacle. Business training adds a dimension to your education, helping in areas you might not otherwise know to think about:

  • Making a plan for your future as a stylist. Aiming for a particular future will help you move toward it. What steps are needed to get to where you want to be? Knowing your professional goals will show through in the tone of your cover letters and other documents.
  • Marketing and promotion. These things can be tricky without any experience, and we can teach you useful tips. Promotion can mean promoting yourself in the industry or learning how to promote your own business, and forms of marketing will cater best to it.
  • Numbers. The behind-the-scenes work of a business, especially if you’re an owner, can be daunting and easily slip in priority when there’s clients to be seen, staff to be trained, products to be explored, etc. But the behind-the-scenes is what keeps the show running, so, knowing how to understand financing– the ins and outs of client and product numbers– is essential.

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