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October 9, 2015

Using Social Media to Build your Hair or Makeup Business

Social media is an excellent way to promote your business. We’ve gone past the days of newspaper advertisements, flyers, and only word of mouth. These days, we have access to large numbers of people via the virtual world.

selfieOn Facebook, you can create a page specifically for your business and invite friends to follow it. It’s important to make your information concise, direct, and clear– the virtual world is a “first glance” kind of place, and you want to hold someone’s attention for longer than a split-second. Write up a description of how you began your business and what it can offer, distinct from others. Choose an eye-catching cover and profile photo that relates to your products.

You could also create a Twitter page for your business. Twitter is a fast-paced, compact way to deliver and exchange information. You can follow other related businesses and business-owners on Twitter to understand the community you’re working within and gain credential as a reputable business person. You can also follow potential customers.

LinkedIn is a more recent phenomenon and another good business-promoting option, as it’s a virtual place that’s designed for that specific purpose. There, you can interact with other business owners and market your products in a personal and professional way that’s less informal than Facebook or Twitter.

Whichever outlet you choose (or all simultaneously), the most important part is maintaining your page with updates. You want to strike a balance between having a consistent presence that doesn’t drop off in the social media world and not littering people’s news’ feeds with constant information. When you’re first beginning, it’s worthwhile to post more frequently to make your business known. What might you post in these updates?

Running a few free-trials or price specials for a few products at once early on is a good idea. This also gives you the chance to share lovely descriptions of those products.

  • Market products individually from time to time. Give each individual product a chance to shine through a dedicated description in a status update.
  • Send links directly to the sites where people can purchase your products, so they know where to shop.
  • As your business gains some traction, make sure customers (even those you may know personally) write reviews for your products. Then, post links to those reviews as some of your status updates.
  • Anytime there’s a new product, post about it and show why it’s relevant to have now (time of year, etc.).
  • Consider linking to a blog or full website with news about which products on their way, how they’re made, and moments– whether narrative or image– that capture the passion you feel while creating those products.


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