October 21, 2015

What’s a Typical Day for a Cosmetology Student?

Cosmetology school teaches through a balance of books and hands-on learning. People have different learning styles– some take in written information with ease, a memory with traction, and adaptation to applying that knowledge. Others learn best through practice and doing. At cosmetology school, intellectual and practical training work together to provide you an all-encompassing education.

A typical day, then, involves some semblance of textbooks, observation, and practice applying skills on mannequins. At first, you will be more focused on the proper techniques involved in whatever style of hair, skin, or makeup you’re working with at the time. One of the fun parts about cosmetology school is that as you begin to feel more confident in the skills you’re learning, you can see how much room is also left for creativity. While you learn traditional stylist techniques, you’ll also realize your role in the salon comes with its own space for innovation. You can become proficient and skilled in what’s already known and the cutting current edge, and see all the space left to your future for initiating new things.

After some time with textbooks and mannequin practice, students begin to practice on clients. Clients are often excited to work with students because while practicing, students bring fresh knowledge and perspective to the field. In the salon, open communication goes a long way.

As a cosmetology student, you’ll find your own balance of confidence and pioneering, of learning from mistakes, of asking the kinds of questions that lead you to answers that allow things to click into place. You’ll get to work with mentors one-on-one but also learn in a group setting where you can collaborate with colleagues. While you’ll find a rhythm and a familiar structure in each day, you’ll also find each day full of adventure and unexpected learning opportunities, too.

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